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The gallery on the bar above contains slide shows of images from travels Billie and I have taken in our retirement.  We have been fortunate to experience these travels and we are more and more convinced that travel is a learning experience that helps us understand our world and the people who populate it.  Nothing does more to promote peace and goodwill than to be a guest in another person’s country, state, region, city, or home. We commend it to you!

Today I’ve added a couple of travel galleries to the site, one for colonial Williamsburg and another for our tour of the Trains of the Colorado Rockies.  The Williamsburg trip spanned a cold December weekend which we thoroughly enjoyed compared to the hot, humid July visit we had made previously.  Believe me, the muggy Williamsburg area in July is not something I want to experience again!

The Colorado trip was longer, almost two weeks, and we were mesmerized by the Rockies.  This is a beautiful state, filled with a variety of scenery that is truly breathtaking (in the western half of the state, at least).  I intend to go back in a different season of the year some day, because it must be a different world.  The slide show is too long, and I really do intend to trim it down.  In the meantime, please be tolerant and pick and choose from the thumbnails if you wish.

I’ll be adding more destinations to these galleries from time to time.  Hope you will check back to allow us to share those travels with you.

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  1. Lucy says:

    i love looking thru these photos. you all seem to have the best time seeing the world! soon you’ll have a new album from your uk experience!

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