The 50-80 Tour of Utah National Parks

The year 2022 is significant in the life of my family in that I will reach my 80th birthday on November 8 and my son Peter reached his 50th birthday on March 21.  This seemed like a coincidence (?) requiring some kind of recognition, so when we planned a tour of the “big five” national parks in Utah, Peter immediately named it “The 50-80 Tour.”  Introducing ourselves along with this name for the tour at the first evening meal proved to be popular, and many of our co-travelers readily adopted the name.

I came to the tour prepared to photograph almost everything, including the “smiley-face” chrome wheel of the coach.

Some of the photo ops were truly spectacular, like the sunrise on Earth Day, April 22.  We were staying at the Red Cliffs Lodge on the Colorado River near Moab, Utah and we had waked up before dawn to see (and hopefully photograph) the Milky Way.  This was a bust since there were clouds and a half moon obscuring the starfield but being out and about for the sunrise was a big winner!

Sunrise on the Colorado River at Red Cliffs Lodge near Moab, Utah. Earth Day, 2022.

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