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Backyard Birds

We have really been lucky that the deer have been happy being somewhere else this spring because their scarcity makes it much easier to enjoy the backyard birds.  Deer have a habit of bumping the bird feeders with their noses, … Continue reading

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Open for Business!

Following lots of hard work my booth at the Artwalk Boone Gallery is now fully functional.  These shots of the booth were taken by Billie as we finished up yesterday, and each can be seen in larger size by clicking … Continue reading

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Today Billie helped me install some of my artwork in a booth I’ve rented in the Artwalk-Boone Gallery.  This is the official launching of my commercial presence on King Street in downtown Boone, just across the street from Mast Store.  … Continue reading

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We found a monarch butterfly yesterday at the NC Arboretum.  Since it was only one butterfly and we were a bunch of shameless photographers scrambling to find something to shoot, there we were all clustered around that one poor butterfly … Continue reading

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Pitcher Plants

I found these pitcher plants today while on a CNPA Foothills Region photo outing to the NC Arboretum in Asheville.  The Arboretum is a  wonderful resource for people who can get to it (ie, people living in the western part … Continue reading

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Taking Stock

Today is a great day, beautiful in every way, and it is a very special day for Billie and me–it’s our 46th wedding anniversary!  June 5, 1965 we were married in Concord United Methodist Church in Coleridge, NC.  Seems so … Continue reading

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WNC Nature Center Bobcat

The bobcat (Lynx rufus) is one of the fascinating animals that caught our eye at the WNC Nature Center.  This cat, though native to our western North Carolina, is rarely seen in the wild even though its population is thought … Continue reading

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Billie and I made a quick trip to Asheville last weekend, thinking that we hadn’t been in a long while and that we wanted to catch up with happenings in our favorite nearby mountain city.  We made our usual stops … Continue reading

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