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Hard at work this weekend to begin posting more photos to this blog, to insure that it is a photo blog rather than a rambling, occasional commentary on the weather in Hilton Head.  I really do intend to post extensive galleries of landscapes, wildlife photos, family photos, and travel photos here.  My goal is to share these photos with friends and family without being overbearing in doing so.

I’ve begun with a couple of portrait galleries of children (Jacob and Levon) and the first landscape gallery (waterfalls).  This weekend I spent considerable time laying out the wildlife gallery and began populating it with slide shows of bird images.  More will come, as will some travel slide shows and more “people” images.  My progress is not as fast as I would like, but I want to minimize the need for “do-overs” and hence the plodding pace.

All the images are mine, and all are copyright protected.  Check them out by exploring the site at your leisure, and let me know what you think, especially if you have constructive criticism or suggestions on how to make the site more appealing to friends and family.  I already know this means more “people pictures” to some of you (Lucy), but please try to appreciate the balanced approach I’m striving for and the broad spectrum of images I hope to display here.  The gallery titles tell the story, so to speak, of my hopes and goals in producing this web site.

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