Bearwallow Mountain Hiking Trail

The Bearwallow Mountain Hiking Trail is part of the Upper Hickory Nut Gorge State Trail system,  comprising a 1.0-mile access trail climbing from the trailhead to the peak of Bearwallow Mountain.

Bearwallow Mountain Trailhead

The trail is steep and littered in many places with moderate-sized rocks and boulders, and in some sections the footing is quite treacherous.  Near the top hikers are likely to meet cattle along the trail, in the woods, and certainly in the open bald at the top of the mountain.

Fire tower and antenna array at the top of Bearwallow Mountain

The top of the mountain hosts an array of antenna systems and a working fire tower that is not open to public exploration.  The view is impressive in all directions and is well worth the climb.

View from the top of Bearwallow Mountain

Following the climb, hikers spend time admiring the view and recovering from the steep trail.  Dogs are welcome on the trail but must be leashed at all times since this is actually a farm with a number of cattle pastured here.

Enjoying the view from the top of the Bearwallow Mountain

Cattle watering trough along Bearwallow Mountain access road

The return to the trailhead can be accomplished by going back down the same route or by following the gravel access road which is used for servicing the antenna systems and fire tower at the top of the mountain.  We chose to follow the road on our return to the parking area.

Grand Highlands housing development near the Bearwallow Mountain Trailhead

Bear statue in the Grand Highlands development near the Bearwallow Mountain Trailhead

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