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Bye for now–Next Post from Boone!

This is the last post from the Island for now since we are returning to Boone today.  I wanted to include one of my favorite images in this final post from HHI–this little squirrel hunched down in the morning sun … Continue reading

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Leaving the Island…

We are watching the pouring rain as we leisurely pack our toothbrushes (and other stuff) in preparation for our caravan back to the NC High Country tomorrow morning.  Hope the rain lets up before departure time early tomorrow, otherwise it … Continue reading

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Living in a botanical garden

We’re beginning to think about leaving this place a couple of days from now… It’s difficult to express the feelings we’ve developed for Inverness Village and the diversity of flowers and wildlife that surrounds us here.  I have imagined this … Continue reading

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Now there are four…

Walking the neighborhood this weekend with friends we discovered that there are now four alligators, two in each lake.  This is the first time we have seen all four at the same time.  This newest gator must be named Four, … Continue reading

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Why did the alligator cross the road?

When we first noticed alligators here in Inverness Village they came to us rather suddenly, apparently called from their winter seclusion to come out into the warming sunshine and lie on the banks with the turtles.  We first noticed a … Continue reading

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The camellias are just about gone here on the Island and the azaleas are beginning to burst open to fill the landscape with color.  It seems like the progression is perfectly choreographed to maintain the colorful landscape throughout our stay … Continue reading

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More Moon Shots

A series of critiques on the CNPA forum helped me fine-tune this image of the one-day-before-perigee moon framed by a tree filled with roosting cormorants.  Selection of a composition with a cormorant outlined against the full moon and selective cropping … Continue reading

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Perigee Moon Tonight

When you go out tonight to look at the moon, you may see a surprisingly large one, especially if you watch it rise shortly after 7:30.  That’s because the moon is closer to us now than it has been anytime … Continue reading

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Using Photoshop to Make Orbs

One of my favorite plants is flowering kale, a preference that must shared by the landscapers at Palmetto Dunes since these plants dot the landscape everywhere here.  Today I’m writing about those flowering kale images being transformed using a Photoshop … Continue reading

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Early morning walks here in Inverness Village often involve encounters with birds, both songbirds and large wading birds.  I don’t mean that the encounters are face-to-face or always even that close, but occasionally the distances are surprisingly small.  This mockingbird … Continue reading

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