Winter Solstice 2017

The shortest day of the year!  It’s dreary Winter weather, having been cold last week, then some rain, several days of fog, and now just gray and damp.  Outdoor activities are at a minimum even though the temperature is fairly pleasant.

Both cars have developed issues with tire pressures, perhaps a leak but maybe just imbalance due to the change in the weather.  Those tire pressure valves that communicate with the car computer to identify one (or more) having a rogue pressure seem at first to be a good idea, but my experience has been that this is a great bother.  My 2010 Camry has notified me perhaps half a dozen times of out-of-range tire pressures, always at the most inopportune times, and almost always it has been the result of nothing more than the change in the weather.

I’ve given up trying to balance the tire pressures on my own, so I surrender to the local tire store to check the tires for punctures and slow leaks as they normalize the pressures all around, including the spare.  The Avalon, with its full-sized spare tire, requires all tires to be in the same pressure range but the Camry, with its high-pressure (70 psi) emergency-use-only spare, has different pressures so I’m really confused about how to normalize those pressures.

On days like this it’s best to try to get some errands done and dive into some indoor projects such as my photography work.  I’ve printed her favorite photo for Billie and I’ve entered a macro photo into the expert commentary line-up for the January Macro Photo Club Newsletter, so now I’ll have to look for something else to occupy my time.  Perhaps I’ll spend some time learning more about the alternatives to Lightroom for processing my photo files.  This could take hours, so by the time raise my head again the sun might have come out.

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