Seven-Year Anniversary

It’s hard to believe, but today marks the seven-year anniversary of this blog and photo-sharing site.  I started this project as a way to share photos and ideas about photography, back when Billie and I first began to winter in Palmetto Dunes on Hilton Head Island.

My photography activity has  changed gradually since I began the blog, due in no small part to the Photography Club of Sun City-Hilton Head (PCSCHH) and the Photography Club of Beaufort (PCB).  I belong to both clubs and to the Carolina Nature Photographers’ Association (CNPA).  I have been most active in the PCSCHH, first having served on the Education Committee by scheduling classes for the club and most recently by chairing the Program Committee.  As Program Committee chair I arrange speakers for each of the meetings of the PCSCHH.

My shooting activity and skill level has changed since joining the PCSCHH and the PCB.  Before we moved here I did not have access to a photographic interest group which met regularly at the local level.  There simply was not a critical mass of photography enthusiasts to make local meetings a viable option, so my photo club experience was limited to CNPA which met monthly in a regional meeting in a neighboring town.  It has been a pleasure to interact with numbers of enthusiasts like myself and to participate in learning activities and print competitions sponsored by the clubs.

I joined the PCSCHH as a Novice photographer and through participation in the print competitions, classroom instruction, club outings, and creativity discussions I learned to be a better photographer.  My rating progressed through Novice to Intermediate between March 2014 and January 2015 and from Intermediate to Advanced by the end of 2016.  My progress from the Advanced level to the Expert level took only one calendar year as I won awards for my prints, and in November, 2017 I began to compete in the Expert category.  I earned Photograph of the Year in my rating category in three of those years.

It has been a fun time, learning about the skill and the art of photography.  I consider myself an advanced enthusiast of photography, fortunate enough to experience the thrill and satisfaction of producing award-winning images but also fortunate that I am not dependent on these images to put bread on the table.


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  1. Lucy says:

    I’m really glad you’ve picked this back up again. You have a real talent and I love seeing your photos with commentary!

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