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Billie and I went on a whirlwind tour of North Carolina recently, visiting Charlotte, Hildebran, Blowing Rock and Asheville in just 4 days.  Our tour included a family wedding shower, an overnight visit with our grandson Jacob (and his parents Peter and Amy), a visit with knitting buddies in Blowing Rock, a tour of the leaf displays along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and an overnight stay with friends in Asheville.

01-Jennifer-Luke-CakeThis beautiful cake was the centerpiece at the wedding shower for Jennifer Rhyne and Luke Williams.  We were happy to be able to attend this event because Jennifer has been special to us since she attended App State and came by our house on a regular basis while she was in Boone.  We wish Luke and Jennifer every happiness in their coming marriage.



In addition to lots of good food, the shower featured Jennifer and Luke opening gifts on the stage while family and friends looked on.  Everyone had a great time talking and catching up with acquaintances while the ribbons were being cut.  We hope that our gift, a portable picnic basket/backpack with service for four,  will be used for many an unplanned picnic by Luke and Jennifer.



Next stop on our tour was Hildebran, where we went to spend the night with our grandson Jacob and his parents Peter and Amy.  Jacob was really excited that we were coming to spend the night, and he gathered up favorite books to show us.  After a good night’s sleep we were served a delicious breakfast of gluten-free pancakes.



Peter and Jacob had been spending some father-and-son time together before we arrived, and this photo of them playing together seems to capture some of their relationship from that weekend.  They really enjoy their time together.  After visiting with them through the morning we all went to Mellow Mushroom in Hickory for a pizza lunch before we headed for Blowing Rock and the “leaf-looker” part of our tour.


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  1. lucy says:

    glad you had such a good trip!

    • Jennifer says:

      We were so glad you were able to come to the shower! We love our picnic basket back pack! I love the photo of Peter & Jake. It’s so sweet!!!

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