A New Year!  New calendar pages, new opportunities, and new friends to meet.

Billie and I have had a whirlwind 2013 in which we dealt with many new emotions.  We came to grips with the loss of our brother-in-law Fred, we sold our home in the North Carolina mountains and we bought a home here in Sun City after renting through the past winter.  And on top of all that turmoil, we spent two weeks in the summer cruising the Rhine-Main-Danube River system in Europe and then welcomed our first granddaughter in September.  That’s a lot to ingest in one year, and we need to take a deep breath as we welcome this New Year.

As I’ve stated in a recent post here, we are beginning to embrace the Sun City lifestyle and we find it very much to our liking.  Lots of activities take up time on our calendars, and we find it easy and convenient to maintain our exercise regimen.  We walk 2.25 to 4 miles almost every day, depending on the route we chose to follow, and Billie is a devotee of Ray’s yoga classes at the Lake House Fitness Center.  We have lots of new friends, and as we participate in club activities we are meeting more new friends each week.

Here’s to a Happy New Year in Sun City!

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