Settling In to the Lowcountry Experience

Billie and I have begun to breathe more easily now after a whirlwind few months.  It’s pretty incredible that in this calendar year we have sold our home in the North Carolina High Country, bought a home in the South Carolina Lowcountry, moved our household things to Sun City-Hilton Head, and welcomed a new granddaughter into the world.

Our new home is located almost exactly half way between our grandson Jacob (who lives in Hildebran, NC with his parents Peter and Amy Rhyne) and our granddaughter Lyra (who lives in Winter Park, FL with her parents Ben and Lucy Littler).  We have easy access to both grandchildren via I-95 and connecting roadways, with both being only about 300 miles away.  We plan to visit each of them fairly regularly, and the 5-hour drive has not been much of a problem so far.

Billie and I are enjoying our new home here in Sun City-Hilton Head and we have found many outlets for our energies.  We have joined several clubs and interest groups, and our social engagement calendars have been filled with meals shared with new friends we have met here in SC-HH.  We belong to a Friday Night Gourmet Dining Group which we thoroughly enjoy, and we both belong to the Bird Club.  Billie has joined the local knitters’ group in the Sew What Club, and I have joined the Computer Club and the Photography Club.

Now that things are settling down a bit, I plan to resume posting to my blog, so look for news of our new life in the SC Lowcountry here.

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