Hands on little creatures

Warning to those who don’t like spiders−do not open links here because photos of spiders are involved!

I found this little creature outside our front door this morning, and since he was essentially immobilized because of the cold, I decided I would try to get a close-up shot of him (or her).  Upon taking a closer look I thought that this might be a proper subject for one of my assignments in the Creativity SIG (Special Interest Group, a subset of the Photography Club) here in Sun City.  The assignment this week is “Hands” and the appendages on either side of the face(?) look to me very much like hands.  A close-up using my 105mm Micro-Nikkor lens yielded just what I was looking for−a unique interpretation of the assignment in sharp detail.

I posted the photos on a spider identification web site to ask for an identification, and got a fairly quick response.  Check it out here.



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