Alligator Alert!

We saw our first alligator yesterday afternoon, basking in the late-day sunshine alongside the western lake here in Inverness Village.  It was a small one, only about three feet long, so perhaps it wasn’t mature enough to know that sensible alligators don’t come out here until much later in the season.

Last year we saw our first gators in late February after a string of 70-degree days which warmed everything, including these cold-blooded creatures.  Today is another mid-to-high 60s day so the afternoon sun may be inviting again, and I’ll be looking closely today the see whether any others join this first little one.

My sunrise walk with the dogs this morning reminded me of the beautiful surroundings we have here in Palmetto Dunes.  The lagoons are as still as glass this time of day and the reflections of the beautiful homes and the sunrise sky make for an enchanting view from the golf course near our condo.  Today there are some high clouds which show off the colors of the sunrise, and the quiet (except for the birds!) surroundings make for a beautiful and peaceful moment in time.

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2 Responses to Alligator Alert!

  1. billie rhyne says:

    SO beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to share with us so that we may see what we would miss.

  2. lucy says:

    pretty sky! xx

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