Saturday Morning…

I took a long walk with the dogs this morning, looping around the entrance to Inverness Village to the 11th tee, down the 11th fairway cart path, and then to the 12th tee and fairway and then home at the 12th green.  On the 12th fairway I encountered a flock (where is Tony Randall when one needs him?) of ibis feeding in a shallow pond, and took a snapshot of their group without permission.  Katie interrupted their breakfast by rushing toward them as she will, and they moved away about 50 ft to resume their meal in peace.

They must have realized that she is no water dog, since her subsequent approaches always stopped short of the shoreline (or perhaps they know about dogs on leashes?) and the ibis never paid her any further attention.  Clearly, they knew they had nothing to fear from this wimpy dog.   Only when they decided to move on did they fly, rising as one with a flash of white wings and moving on to another pond down the fairway.

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  1. Billie Rhyne says:

    Beautiful image…the flash of white…

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