We just had a very unusual winter storm that dropped four inches of snow on us here in Bluffton, SC.  The name of the storm was Grayson, and the fact that it was named suggests that it was unusual.  But in case you don’t fully realize the unusual nature of this event be aware that the last time Bluffton had snow was about five years ago and the last time we had as much as four inches was some thirty years ago.

The snow was beautiful and, unlike those years when we were living in Boone and needed to go to work, we had no where to go so we simply stayed home.  We didn’t lose power so we were nice and warm throughout the experience and we binge-watched old TV shows.  Walt and Henry of “Longmire” have become new friends, almost as well-liked as Raylan and Boyd of “Justified” from a few years back.

Weather has returned to our usual temperatures this week and we are adjusting to being out and about in the moderate winter-time weather.  Maybe it takes an event like Grayson to remind us of how well we have it here in the southern tip of the South Carolina Lowcountry.

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