Taking Stock

Today is a great day, beautiful in every way, and it is a very special day for Billie and me–it’s our 46th wedding anniversary!  June 5, 1965 we were married in Concord United Methodist Church in Coleridge, NC.  Seems so long ago and only yesterday at the same time.  We celebrated last night with a scrumptious dinner and some prosecco at the Louisiana Purchase restaurant in Banner Elk.

Thinking back on those 46 years of marriage, I can hardly remember the days before we were together.  We’ve had some great times together in these forty-six years and we expect many more wonderful times in the years ahead.  We are extremely happy that our two children have each found spouses they adore and lives they are happy with, and Peter and Amy are working hard at parenting our grandson Jacob.  Both Lucy and Peter have just begun new careers (and Ben is busily interviewing for positions in their new home town) that promise to give them stability in their respective families.   What more could parents wish for their children?

Billie has been busily knitting projects that are more and more complicated, and she has learned so much about this craft since she began it a few years ago.  Her latest project is knitting a handbag which has hundreds of beads strung on the yarn and pulled into the pattern at regular intervals so that a beautiful, beaded texture results.  It’s amazing to me when I compare the complexity of projects she has learned to knit, and I am so happy that she has this creative outlet which she enjoys so much.

My photography continues to be a creative outlet which I enjoy, and I am preparing to place some of my work for sale at a public gallery here in Boone.  Billie has encouraged me to pursue this route since “You won’t know until you try it!”  I expect to have some work on display at Artwalk of Boone in the next week or so.

Life is good, and when I take stock of my situation I am thankful and happy and contented and lots of other states-of-being that I have a hard time putting into words.  Forty-six years of marriage to an awesome spouse and a beautiful family of successful, happy children–now that’s what I call a wonderful life!

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Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, Appalachian State University.
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4 Responses to Taking Stock

  1. Jim says:

    Congratulations on 46 years! I think it is the iPad anniversery and both of you should get one as a gift from your children. I remember you before you were married and I think both of you got better looking and Tom even became more human. That is not true of many chemists.

  2. billie rhyne says:

    Life is good, and you are the best part of it!

  3. Peter says:

    I think Jim is incorrect about the iPad anniversary. I believe it is the siblings on either side that are to purchase them, rather than the children.

    In any event, thank you both for being our rock, our sounding board, and for living your lives as an example for us. I still learn from you both all the time, probably more now than ever.

    Love you both very much.

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