Beginning another Year…

I’ve extended the life of this blog by renewing my lease on the domain name and in the process I also leased the domains,, and for the coming year.  My task now will be to learn how to make full use of these resources to supplement my photography hobby.  I will continue the postings on this site, and the postings will usually (but not always) be related to photography.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all as we prepare for family time together throughout the holidays.  Lucy and Ben are coming to visit with us on Thursday, we have an extended family Christmas pizza party on Friday evening, and Billie and I are having dinner with Peter, Amy, and Jacob on Christmas Eve.

Billie and I are also preparing for our annual sojourn to Hilton Head in the midst of all this revelry, and we hope to make that trip late next week, perhaps on Thursday.  We will celebrate New Year’s Eve with Nancy and Fred in Sun City-Hilton Head, a tradition we’ve held for a number of years now.  We’re very much looking forward to this celebration with friends in their home as we ring in the New Year!

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