New Growth

All kinds of new growth here on the Island; new leaves, new flowers, even new alligators!  That’s right, we now have a third alligator along with the million turtles in our two little lakes here in Inverness Village.  They are out sunning every day now, plopping up on the banks in the sunshine.  Don’t know where they go at night, other than into the water, and I must admit that I don’t go near the lakes when I walk the dogs after dark.

New leaves are popping out on almost all the trees and shrubs here, and Bradford pears are in full bloom.  The leaves shown here just popped out today, and I couldn’t resist photographing them because they are so colorful and so dainty.  I’ll bet they change color and size every day now as they race toward becoming full-fledged photosynthesis factories.  The leaf buds seem to unfurl earlier and faster than the bloom buds, unlike the rhododendron I’m used to watching  in the NC High Country.

This bloom bud reveals a flower as it opens.  I don’t know the name of this shrub nor do I know the seasonal growth cycle it is now beginning, but perhaps I’ll be able to watch it long enough to report the future of those delicate buds shown at the left.  Do they produce a full-blown flower?  I’ll let you know!

I’ve found some beautiful pink camellias across the street, and I’m itching to do some macro photos of them.  Maybe I’ll be able to post some shots tomorrow.

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