Can’t be far away, can it?  Only a month, by the calendar, and even less judging by the blooming pear and peach trees along I-26 and I-95 here in SC.  Yesterday we completed another quick overnight trip to Hickory, to visit Mom, and to Boone for some family tasks that couldn’t be completed from afar.  I must say that my life-long perception of the NC High Country in February wasn’t changed by that trip.

Monochrome gray mountainsides viewed against a monochrome gray sky make for a mood painted in the same palette, and who would wish for that?  I am so happy to be outside that monochrome existence this year, and yet I look forward to springtime in Boone when we return in April.  Being able to trade out the winter and continue to live in Boone for the rest of the year makes life better, at least for me.

I have known friends for whom this monochrome winter mood was too much to bear, even in exchange for the wonderful spring, summer, and fall which the High Country provides, and these friends now live in sunnier locations.  We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to winter in HHI and the Savannah area yet spend the rest of the year in the wonderful NC High Country.

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