Winding Down the Color

The leaf color season is winding down here in the High Country, but it has been an exceptional one for color from Deep Gap to Beacon Heights and points in between.  I caught my favorites at Stack Rock Creek and Sims Pond, with breathtaking views all along the Grandfather Mountain slopes.

This photo of the leaves was taken from the Parkway bridge over Stack Rock Creek, looking toward Table Rock and Hawksbill Mountain.  I like the shot a lot, and it is a good representation of the color I saw when I took it, but that one little tree branch encroaching from the top left seems to command more attention than it should.  That little branch draws my eye that way and takes away from the beautiful leaf color display.

Enter Photoshop CS5 to save the day!  That little tree branch can be easily removed without damaging the integrity of the shot at all.  The feature in Photoshop that works this magic is called Content Aware Fill, and when used with the healing brush in CS5 it indeed seems like magic.  The image at the right is the result of that magic; do you see the difference?

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