Gator Fireworks

As promised, I’m posting a few more fireworks images today.  If you want to see lots of images, without comments, check out my facebook page where I’ve posted more.

But first I want to show you one of the spectators for our fireworks party, a baby gator who kept following Lucy’s flashlight around the edge of the lake.  I finally went down to the water’s edge and photographed him using the on-camera flash.  We had seen this youngster earlier in the daylight when we were returning from our morning walk, and he really is pretty small, maybe two feet long.  Looks like he might still have that “egg tooth” (or do only crocodiles have that?) on his snout that hatchlings use to break out of the egg when they are ready to face the world.  At any rate, he was fun and we probably spent way too much time leading him around with the flashlight.  Hope that doesn’t imprint on his brain so that he becomes something like the gator in Peter Pan, following Lucy around every time she comes to visit in Sun City!

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  1. lucy says:

    he really is kinda cute, isn’t he? 🙂

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