Bye for now–Next Post from Boone!

This is the last post from the Island for now since we are returning to Boone today.  I wanted to include one of my favorite images in this final post from HHI–this little squirrel hunched down in the morning sun waiting to get warmed by it.  He (or she) sat there for at least twenty minutes, hardly moving at all, while the rising sun fell on him and then when it seemed he would never move he scampered away and began looking for nuts in the leaf litter under the oaks.  The branch he sat on has been a favorite perch for others, notably a beautiful bluebird that sat there and sang–until I got my camera.


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2 Responses to Bye for now–Next Post from Boone!

  1. Billie says:

    You are the best…my friend and lover, my traveling buddy, and my picture taker! Made the right choice all those years ago… Bye HHI…See you next time.

  2. Jim says:

    I have enjoyed your blog and especially your wildlife photographs, sorry to see this chapter end but look forward to Watauga posts.

    Hope your trip back is safe and uneventful.


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