Now there are four…

Walking the neighborhood this weekend with friends we discovered that there are now four alligators, two in each lake.  This is the first time we have seen all four at the same time.  This newest gator must be named Four, of course.

There must be a secret way to come and go, or maybe these creatures are stealthy enough to remain unseen until the weather warms to get their systems going.

It’s fun to watch, and is only mildly dangerous sport as long as we don’t swim in the lakes.  Not so sure about danger for the dogs and other small animals, but we never let ours roam freely so they should be OK.

Click on the photos for a larger image of these watchful eyes!  Or click here for more and even larger images, if you can stand it!

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  1. Jim says:

    Good photos. If your gator will not eat turtles right next to its mouth, you and your dog are safe.

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