Waterfalls in the DuPont State Recreational Forest

The Dupont State Recreational Forest near Hendersonville, NC offers a variety of hiking trails and access to four waterfalls – Bridal Veil Falls, Hooker Falls, High Falls, and Triple Falls.  We recently hiked the High Falls Loop trail which begins at the Visitor Center and leads to views of High Falls and Triple Falls along the Little River.

Moss growing at the base of a conifer in the DuPont State Forest

The trail is well-maintained and is an easy hike through the shaded forest, with lots of mosses and wildflowers for those interested in looking for them.

Indian Pipe growing in the DuPont State Forest

On this trip, we found Indian Pipe, a species we had not seen in many years.  Moving back to the mountains offers opportunities to find many Appalachian wildflowers we haven’t seen while living in the South Carolina Lowcountry.

High Falls in the DuPont State Forest

Triple Falls in the DuPont State Forest


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