Moving in the Time of Covid-19

We moved this winter, just in time to get into our new digs before the Covid-19 pandemic made itself known in this country.  We left Sun City-Hilton Head (in Bluffton, SC) for higher ground, selling our home there and purchasing a townhome in the village of Fletcher, NC which lies about halfway between Asheville and Hendersonville.  The 16-ft elevation in Bluffton seemed at times to barely get us above the water table, whereas the 2200-ft elevation in Fletcher gives us plenty of reason to refer to this as our “mountain home.” Although still about a thousand feet below the elevation of our former home in Boone, this new perspective certainly gives us a mountain presence and occasional mountain weather.

We hired a moving company, Carolina Moving and Storage, to bring us here since we felt too old to load and unload a truck this time as we did in our previous moves.  This crew did a marvelous job for us, and if only we didn’t have so much “stuff”…  I packed a lot of our things, the movers packed the breakables and the furniture, and they unloaded the lot when we arrived.  I broke down the boxes and packing paper, which we then took to the Henderson County Recycling Center.  We have replaced most of the original appliances (still have the original gas range) and we are getting to like the place.

With the move comes the tasks of seeking new healthcare professionals, transferring driver licenses and automobile titles, and getting insurance coverages squared away with new state requirements.  We are moving along with this very slowly, but have at least got the insurance and driver licenses transferred to North Carolina.

I was scheduled to have cataract surgery in a few days from now but the Covid-19 pandemic has put that on hold since all elective surgery has been delayed.


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