“Afternoon of the Fauns”

Interesting experience this afternoon.  While walking our dog around the house, I happened upon a pair of baby deer under the cypress tree by the lagoon.  I first realized there was one lying under the tree when I saw the ears, but then when I photographed it and adjusted the exposure I found that there are actually two of them.
Midday yesterday I saw a doe in the back yard, and when she saw me in the sunroom she left in the direction away from the cypress tree.  At that time I did not know about the fawns, but I suspect they are indeed hers and that she likely bedded them down in what she judges to be a safe place and will come back for them later.
The spot she chose is, however, not what I would consider a safe place.  It is one of the favorite places for our resident alligators to lie on the bank of the lagoon, and I suspect the fawns would be a welcome snack if the alligator happened to find them.

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