June 13 – Juneau and Whale Watching

Today we visit the capital city of Juneau, where the saying is that you can only arrive by boat, by plane, or by birth canal (the city is on an island with no bridge to the mainland).  The city sights included plenty of bald eagles and ravens, and there were bright murals everywhere.  We had a good lunch at The Hangar, and easily found the Juneau yarn shop we were looking for. (Click to see larger images.)

We boarded a jetboat for a whale watching excursion, and the investment paid off handsomely.  Our captain took us to a secluded spot which gave us a private close encounter (less than thirty yards) with a feeding humpback whale, and then we moved on to less private but more abundant whale sightings.  The excursion was exciting and well worth the booking.

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