June 8- Train to Talkeetna and Mt. McKinley Wilderness Lodge

Today we boarded the train for Talkeetna, AK.  These observation cars gave us a great view of the surrounding mountains and, at one point, another chance to view Denali.  Unfortunately, the mountain was shrouded in snow clouds as we passed the viewing point.

Observation Car

Tour Director Kathleen Fil

Train to Talkeetna

We saw several nesting trumpeter swans on protected island areas near the tracks.

Trumpeter Swan

Trumpeter Swan

The scenery we passed on this trip was as gorgeous as any we had seen and it seemed to change constantly as we moved south.  Unfortunately we were not able to see Denali because it was covered by snow clouds.

Our destination was the village of Talkeetna, often referred to as the model for the TV program “Northern Exposure.”  This is rustic “splendor” at the extreme.

Welcome to Talkeetna, the model village for Northern Exposure

Downtown Talkeetna


Our final destination for the night was the Mt. McKinley Wilderness Lodge which offered our last chance to view Denali, a comfortable bed, some good food, and an opportunity to send dirty clothes home via USPS Priority mail at a good price.

Denali from Mount McKinley Wilderness Lodge

Billie at Mount McKinley Wilderness Lodge


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