Twelfth Tour with Collette–North to Alaska

Billie and I have just completed our twelfth tour with Collette Vacations—the Alaska Discovery Tour, Including a 7-Day Princess Cruise.

Trips with Collette Vacations

  1. June, 2006          National Parks Tour
  2. January, 2008    Panama Canal
  3. October, 2008    Exploring Greece and Its Islands
  4. August, 2009      Trains of the Colorado Rockies
  5. March, 2010        Italian Vistas
  6. August, 2010       Hidden Treasures of the Maritimes
  7. July, 2011             Exploring Britain and Ireland
  8. October, 2012      Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
  9. August, 2014        Resorts of the Canadian Rockies
  10. June, 2016            Spotlight on New York City
  11. September, 2016 Treasures of Northern California
  12. June, 2018            Alaska Discovery Tour, Including Princess Cruise

Vantage River Cruises

  1. May, 2013             Vantage River Cruise—Amsterdam to Budapest
  2. April, 2015            Vantage River Cruise—Paris to Normandy and Back

Trips on our Own

  1. January 2007 Spain
  2. April 2011 Kentucky Bourbon Trail
  3. January, 2017 Jekyll Island, St. Simons Island

We have traveled with approximately a dozen Collette tour managers, and Kathleen Fil certainly sits at the top of our list for service and efficiency.  Kathleen handled the Alaska Discovery tour to perfection, juggling what seemed like endless detail and information on multiple excursions offered by multiple tour companies, all without a single misstep.  She met us at the airport as expected even though it was midnight, and she was there at 4:00 am when we departed for our flight home.  Her informational meetings throughout the tour kept us up to speed with tour events and coming excursion opportunities, and her evening “love letters” slipped under our door kept us prepared for the events of the following day.

Thank you Collette for providing excellent Tour Managers like Kathleen Fil to make our travel experiences truly “experiences of a lifetime.”

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