Cedar Waxwings on the move…

What do you call a gathering of cedar waxwings?  A flock?  A flight? A pod? The Oxford English Dictionary lists these three options for birds in general but no term specific for cedar waxwings.  Today we were visited by a “tree full” of these beautiful birds, so I have invented my own collective noun to pay tribute to them before they leave for wherever their migration takes them.

The cypress tree out back on our lagoon was heavy with them today just as the rain began, and it must have seemed like a good location to weather the storm because they didn’t move until after we left for our yoga class.

  They are such beautiful birds that I always thrill to see one, let alone a tree full of them.



Update:  They are still here the next morning, and the early sun shows off their colors well.  Note the spots of red “wax” on the wing tips…



I wish them well in their migration travels.



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