Spring on the Cone Estate

I spent some time wandering the Bass Lake area yesterday, marveling at the spring colors and the new growth popping out everywhere.  People were everywhere, enjoying the sunshine and the warmth.  It seemed like one of those “perfect” days we often enjoy here in the High Country.  Just to the left of these holding ponds there is a path that follows the small stream feeding Bass Lake, leading through the pasture up to another small lake which is little known to the people who frequent the Bass Lake carriage roads.

Heart Lake is seldom visited by the majority of folks who walk the carriage paths around Bass Lake, due in no small part to its secluded location beyond the cattle that often graze the pasture above Bass Lake.  It’s only a short hike up to Heart Lake, and the access through the fence is pretty easy, thanks to the vee-shaped arrangement of fence posts allowing human access.  The lake is small, probably no more than a half to three-quarters of an acre, but the location is enchanting.  The spring colors of trees playing on the slight ripples on the lake surface caught my eye and my imagination, inviting me to spend time watching and waiting for the light to change, searching for a way to record the magic with my camera.

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  1. billie rhyne says:

    I often say I treasure living in a spot where others pass through and muse that they would like to live here.

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