World Autism Awareness Day

The fifth annual World Autism Awareness Day is April 2, 2012.  Every year, autism organizations around the world celebrate the day with unique fundraising and awareness-raising events.  People all over the world wore blue today to call attention to the autism condition that plagues so many young children.  At Appalachian State University the school mascot, Yosef, was dressed in a blue tee with the message “World Autism Awareness Day April 2” to tell passersby the news.

I’m posting the news here on my blog in honor of my grandson Jacob who has been diagnosed with autism.  These cases are all around us, and the CDC tells us that 1 in 88 children now will be diagnosed as autistic.

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  1. billie rhyne says:

    Thanks for the recognition of this special day that acknowledges special children and adults. We love you Jacob.

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