Welcome Home

We’re back in Boone, rested well, and ready to face the different world we experience here in the NC High Country.  We drove into town on March 31 in heavy fog, then had snow flurries for two nights following our arrival.  What a change from our time on Hilton Head Island where everything is blooming out and the trees are almost fully leaved out.  But the plants here are trying to brighten our days, and one only has to look carefully to find hints of better things to come.  This Grecian windflower defies the snow, dancing brightly against the white background of overnight snow which covers the already-greening grass in our yard.  Dogwood buds are swelling but not yet open, and I am told that crocuses bloomed while we were gone.

For now, these Grecian windflowers are the only blooming flowers in the yard, but scores of day lilies have thrust their shoots of green leaves up through the pine straw and  promise to bring us beautiful flowers to brighten our walks around the yard.

The anticipation is part of living here in Boone, and since we skipped the dreary months of January and February, we know it won’t be long before the mountains burst into their full-blooming glory which we love so much.

We’re glad to be back home.

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Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, Appalachian State University.
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  1. Lucy says:

    glad you are home safely. love that purple! xx

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