Red-bellied woodpecker

We have a red-bellied woodpecker in our neighborhood, and he is recognizable not only by his distinctive markings but also by his unique voice.  Billie found him feeding on insects on a tree-trunk yesterday as we walked the dogs, and I was lucky enough to have the camera with me.  She took the dogs and I stayed behind to shoot the action, getting several dozen s images before the woodpecker noticed I was there.   How lucky can you get?

This bird is named for his markings, with the distinctive red blush on the belly setting him aside from other woodpeckers and sapsuckers that have red on their heads.

There are some similar species but they are easily distinguished by noting the distinctive field marks of the red-bellied woodpecker.  The less common red-headed woodpecker has a solid red head and neck and a solid black back, and flickers have brown and black patterns on the back instead of the black and white of this woodpecker.  The distinctive voice is easily identified and after hearing the sample you might realize that you’ve been hearing these birds all around you!

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  1. Billie says:

    What a handsome fellow…and a good picture taker.

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