Sunset Silhouette

Sunsets are beautiful here on the East coast, just as they are in the mountains and perhaps on the West coast as well.  This sunset last night caught my eye because of the beautiful cloud formations and especially because of the trees silhouetted against the painted sky.  I like that contrast.

This twilight view is looking down the 12th fairway just outside our condominium, after the golfers have gone home.  Reminds me of the time I went to get Peter and Greg from their day of playing the Boone Golf Club and found them still on the course even though they couldn’t see the ball.  Peter actually holed a chip on the sixth green in the twilight, and I saw (heard?) it go in the cup since I was standing near the green.  He couldn’t see or hear it from the fairway where he launched the shot, so he missed out on the thrill of seeing an eagle shot.  But he didn’t hesitate to record it on his scorecard!

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  1. Billie says:

    Beauty in the sky. And a sweet memory from our past…

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