CNPA Afterglow

I returned from the CNPA Annual Meeting full of ideas for improving my photography from landscape to macro.  The hotel was comfortable, the surroundings were beautiful, especially at night, and the meeting rooms were adequate although our group of 440 pushed the facilities almost to the limit.

The small lake adjacent to the hotel provided a setting that begged photographers to shoot it, both day and night.  The night views were fascinating, with a play of dancing colors that calmed and drew me toward the bridges and the fountains.  Daytime views were interesting as well since the area was populated by ducks, geese, and mute swans.

Photographer Jim Zuckerman was the featured speaker, and he delivered a series of interesting and informative lectures on nature photography, photoshop tools, and travel photography.  I was mesmerized by the presentations, and looking back I am impressed that I didn’t move from my seat throughout his sessions.  I’ll have to say that not many (any?) professional conferences have held my interest so well.

Sessions by Les Saucier on “Macro Photography” and by Donna Eaton on “The Construction of an Image” also held my interest and provided lots of great information which I plan to put to use immediately.  Les provided the closing comment that we should all intentionally practice our craft, so I plan to go do that right now!

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  1. Lucy says:

    so glad you had a good time, but confused by your suggestions that a professional conference could be so interesting… 😉

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