Back in the High Country

We’re back in Boone, having made the trip in one day on Friday.  What a drive!

We started early, so missed much of the traffic, and found our way here by about noon.  A few phone calls later and we are in business again, with water reconnected, hvac re-regulated, internet/tv/phone service resumed, and suitcases unpacked.  All is good!

Today we visited the Greenway Trail for our morning walk.  Katie and I did a short neighborhood walk early in the day, but our morning two-mile constitutional required a safer venue since our neighborhood has no sidewalks (but has plenty of traffic).  We drove to the Boone Greenway Trail where Billie, Katie, and I walked about two miles, enjoying the scenery and familiar landmarks as we made the loop from Deerfield Road to the covered bridge and back through the woods.

One of my familiar experiences along the return trip is imagining that the pine trees along the way are “watchers’ of the trail, logging identities as we pass.  This trail section is relatively newer and has only been paved a few years, but it remains one of my favorites because of the quiet shade of the pines.  We sometimes encounter deer in these woods so in fact we too are “watchers” looking back at these trees, hoping to discover a doe with her fawns in the shadows.  It feels good to be back!


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  1. billie rhyne says:

    “Watchers”….what a clever idea…I too like that part of our walk…feels safe and peaceful.

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