Shelter Cove Community Park

I found Shelter Cove Community Park today and took a few photos while exploring the area.  There is a well-done Veterans’ Memorial in the park, with sloping ampitheater-like area which could easily be used for Veterans’ Day ceremonies.  (I wonder whether that is indeed the case?)  The Memorial recognizes veterans of all branches of the US Armed Forces, and it is lighted for night viewing.  I plan to return to photograph this Memorial at sunset, and the lighting should play a role in photos I take then.

The Memorial area of the Shelter Cove Community Park is laced with paved walkways and benches, inviting visitors to spend time there exploring the various individual memorials which are placed about the park.  There is an arbor with memorial benches around the perimeter, and the shapes drew my attention as I wandered about.  This Community Park is an attractive community treasure which offers lots of opportunity for walking, playing, and picnicking with the family.  I expect it is heavily used throughout the year.

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