Broad Creek Marina

I checked out the Broad Creek Marina last week and found that there is a welcoming boardwalk which leads to the marina dock, giving access to an expanse of views along the marina and Broad Creek.  The boardwalk spans a lot of marsh before it reaches the marina dock, and I admit that I was more interested in the marsh than in the docks on this visit.  Only a few people were there at the time of day I visited, and it seemed as if I had the whole place to myself.

The view to the south is of the Cross Island Expressway crossing Broad Creek, with all the marsh and Broad Creek in between.  The view of the marsh is peaceful, and at the time of day I visited there were no creatures moving about; I’ll have to come back at sunrise for that experience.  The boardwalk should offer a fantastic place to photograph both sunrise and sunset over the marsh, and I have plans to shoot both before leaving here this spring.

As I was leaving the boardwalk I found this beautiful dead tree at the edge of the marsh, and I couldn’t resist including a shot of this beauty in today’s post.  This is classic driftwood in the making, and someday it may be collected by beach-combers (or marsh-combers, more likely).  For now I’m collecting it for the beautiful textures in the wood and the shape which caught my eye.  I’ll be back to capture more treasures from this site during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset.

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  1. lucy says:

    be careful wandering around these places by yourself!!

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