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I’ve added a few new features to the site, some of which may not be so obvious to the casual visitor, so I want to mention a few specifically.  I’ve rearranged the sidebar area to include a calendar showing posts by date and categories of posts.  Categories help locate posts on specific topics or, in the case of the “Commentary” category, my ramblings on various topics.  The top menu has been refined to include drop-down lists of pages containing content which is fairly self-explanatory.

Among the additions to the top menu you will find a portrait gallery entry, a sop to my daughter Lucy who is always asking for pictures of people rather than pictures of places and things.  I’ve begun populating this entry with photos/portraits of grandson Jacob and great-nephew Levon, both very photogenic little boys who are dear to our hearts. Check them out.  I think you’ll agree that they are both very handsome little boys!

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