Fall Color

The leaves are beautiful now, gold and red and orange and brown, with the dark spikes of evergreen spread across the mountainsides.  This is our prime tourist time, when folks come from everywhere to gaze across the mountains at every overlook along the Blue Ridge Parkway to marvel at the blaze of color on display for all to see.

Seems like every year we hear about someone “famous” being seen here as they take in the sights.  The recent “big news celebrity sighting” is that the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives was spotted in Blowing Rock, grabbing a bite to eat at the Six Pence Pub.  This news is important to some, as if celebrity sightings make our mountains more legitimate as attractions.  For me, it’s important because it shows the human side of these “people-in-the-news” who have been drawn here like ordinary folks to be awed by our mountains as we are awed by them every day.

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