Greensboro Weekend

Billie and I just returned from a weekend in Greensboro, a town neither of us knew very well and one we had not really explored before.  We began with a visit on Friday with Billie’s friend Briggit Heger whom she had met at the knitting retreat at the High Hampton Inn.

Briggit teaches knitting classes at Gate City Yarns, a shop on South Elm Street in Greensboro.  Billie visited the shop for about an hour while I explored South Elm Street.  The Green Bean, a local coffee shop, entertained me for a while, and I enjoyed photographing buildings and the skyline of Greensboro.  Later we had a very nice lunch at Table 16, a fairly new restaurant beyond the railroad tracks on South Elm.

There are lots of nice colors in Gate City Yarns, with very interesting displays of yarn throughout the ample spaces of the shop.  I really like the bathtub just inside the front door!

We met Peter and Amy later for dinner at P. F. Chang’s and prepared for the big event of the weekend, the Women’s Only 5K Walk and Run sponsored by The Women’s Hospital and Cone Health.  Billie and Amy were participants, and Peter and I were cheerleaders and photographers for the event.  Photos are posted on my Picasa site.

Amy and Billie decided to dedicate their walk to the memory of Julia Clark Rhyne, John’s wife who died of cancer about nine years ago.  They made their dedication public by writing it on the side of a medical services vehicle made available for that purpose by The Women’s Hospital, and the vehicle with all those written dedications will be used in regular medical service runs and in parades between now and the end of December.  What a great idea!

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  1. lucy says:

    glad you all had a good time participating in such a good cause. can’t believe judy died 9 years ago.

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