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Why did the alligator cross the road?

When we first noticed alligators here in Inverness Village they came to us rather suddenly, apparently called from their winter seclusion to come out into the warming sunshine and lie on the banks with the turtles.  We first noticed a … Continue reading

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American Coot

I found this pair of American coots this week feeding in the Ibis Pond at Pinckney Island NWR and had a great time watching them as they leisurely foraged the pond.  Coots are swimming rails with chicken-like beaks which distinguish … Continue reading

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Family Snapshots

I’ve added the new category of Family Snapshots on the menu bar above.  Click on the category to see slide shows of family snapshot images.  Initially, these consist of two shows, one of snapshots taken during Jacob, Peter, and Amy’s … Continue reading

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We awoke this morning to a crashing thunderstorm.  It was so unusual in our experience here that at first I didn’t believe it was thunder and lightning, and only after being surprised by a flash of lightning while looking out … Continue reading

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Ah, February!

With the advent of warmer weather (mid-60s each day) and more sunshine the golfers and golf course personnel are becoming more intentional now, actively laying claim to the course as if they own it.  Yesterday Billie and I were enjoying … Continue reading

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There and back again…

I thought of Bilbo’s book during our trek which began Wednesday morning.  We set off about 7:30 am with our destination set as Boone, NC, some 350 miles to the north.  Our route was designed to include a visit with … Continue reading

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