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Choosing Gallery Photos

Billie and I spent a month in Hendersonville, NC last summer to escape the heat and humidity of the South Carolina Lowcountry, and we enjoyed our stay so much that we went back in early November to explore real estate … Continue reading

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Moving in the Time of Covid-19

We moved this winter, just in time to get into our new digs before the Covid-19 pandemic made itself known in this country.  We left Sun City-Hilton Head (in Bluffton, SC) for higher ground, selling our home there and purchasing … Continue reading

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Double Vision VI

Today we started Double Vision VI, an art show jointly sponsored by the All About Art Club and the Photography Club of Sun City-Hilton Head.  I chaired the setup committee and spent yesterday and today getting art panels moved from … Continue reading

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Pileated Woodpecker

The pileated woodpecker is one of the largest forest birds in the United States, being almost as large as a crow.  This woodpecker has distinctive markings, mostly black, some white, and a flaming red crest that is unmistakable in the … Continue reading

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Herons I have known

Since coming to the Lowcountry I’ve expanded my circle of friends in the heron family.  Although I already knew the largest member of the family, I only recently became more closely acquainted with some of the smaller and less-well-known herons, … Continue reading

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Snowy Egrets

We visited Fish Haul Beach Park yesterday afternoon, hoping to see some interesting birds or animals on the receding high tide.  It’s probably the wrong time of year for fiddler crabs and other tiny things, but we lucked into a … Continue reading

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What color is a bluejay?

Old friend (long-time friend?) Jim Greene of northern Virginia and Boone, NC commented in my previous posting that the bluejay has no blue pigments in its feathers.  I had forgotten that feature of bird coloration, but a quick search of … Continue reading

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Charley the Blue Jay

Billie and I walk almost every day, following a 2.6 mile route that goes by Hidden Cypress Golf Clubhouse and the boardwalk through the wetlands wild area behind The Aviary.  One day in late December we met a lady who … Continue reading

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Dr. Lucy R. Littler

We traveled to Tallahassee for the August 6 Summer Commencement Exercises at Florida State University where our daughter Lucy was hooded and granted her Ph.D. degree in Literature.  This photo at the right shows the hooding ceremony in which Lucy … Continue reading

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Today Billie helped me install some of my artwork in a booth I’ve rented in the Artwalk-Boone Gallery.  This is the official launching of my commercial presence on King Street in downtown Boone, just across the street from Mast Store.  … Continue reading

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