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Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, Appalachian State University.

June 8- Train to Talkeetna and Mt. McKinley Wilderness Lodge

Today we boarded the train for Talkeetna, AK.  These observation cars gave us a great view of the surrounding mountains and, at one point, another chance to view Denali.  Unfortunately, the mountain was shrouded in snow clouds as we passed … Continue reading

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June 7 – Denali National Park

This day we boarded a modified school bus to travel about 60 miles into Denali National Park.  The road extends only 92 miles into the park (it doesn’t go all the way to Denali), but we were able to go … Continue reading

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June 6 – Fairbanks

Our first day in Alaska began with a three-hour river cruise on the Chena River into the heart of Alaska where we were introduced to the world of bush pilots, sled dogs, and the Athabascan heritage.     The bush … Continue reading

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Twelfth Tour with Collette–North to Alaska

Billie and I have just completed our twelfth tour with Collette Vacations—the Alaska Discovery Tour, Including a 7-Day Princess Cruise. Trips with Collette Vacations June, 2006          National Parks Tour January, 2008    Panama Canal October, 2008  … Continue reading

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Church of the Cross

This week we visited with friends from Boone, Asheville, and Durham, NC at the Colleton River Plantation home of mutual friends from Boone.  This annual retreat has become a regular event in our lives since we moved to Sun City-Hilton … Continue reading

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The Goldfinches are back!

A couple of days ago we saw a pair of goldfinches flitting about our birch tree beside the lagoon, and we immediately put out our feeders filled with niger seed.  They took no heed that afternoon, but by the next … Continue reading

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Cedar Waxwings on the move…

What do you call a gathering of cedar waxwings?  A flock?  A flight? A pod? The Oxford English Dictionary lists these three options for birds in general but no term specific for cedar waxwings.  Today we were visited by a … Continue reading

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New Leaves

It’s almost spring here in the Lowcountry, and one of my favorite sights is the developing new leaf display which comes out just after budbreak.  Today I photographed a few clusters of new leaves on our Sunday morning walk here … Continue reading

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Honeyhorn Camellias

I dropped by Honeyhorn Plantation on Hilton Head Island last week to check out the camellia garden.  I had thought I might have missed these beauties this year, but I was pleased to see they were still blooming.  Although I … Continue reading

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Family Portrait

Billie and I often walk through the Hidden Cypress wetland boardwalk, especially at this time of year when the baby alligators have just hatched.  This week we took this route again and found to our delight a host of new … Continue reading

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